About us

After working for years as a successful journalist and editor, Jim Cassidy decided to apply his expertise to the world of public relations. His aim was to create a company that could help clients navigate their way through the often complex world of the media, providing guidance and strategy; enhancing and protecting reputations and dealing with crisis situations in a caring, calm and circumspect manner.

Over the last decade Prima has built up a reputation as one of Scotland’s most discreet and trusted PR companies. Their specialist team combines youth with years of experience, with an enviable contact list in a variety of sectors .

At Prima Communications and Media Ltd we have several core principles that are at the heart of everything we do:


We treat our clients, our colleagues and our associates with the utmost integrity. Prima operates with complete transparency in the knowledge that our clients value our candour. Our clients trust us, and we value that trust immensely.


We believe that for every problem and issue we encounter there is a creative solution. Our goal is to provide the intellectual sat-nav to ensure your company travels in the right direction.


We are committed to our clients and have built strong, long lasting relationships with the vast majority of clients we work with. We are passionate about every company we work with, and believe that the special rapport we establish is vital to having a successful working relationship.

Challenging the Status Quo

At Prima we encourage innovation. We always strive to improve and will challenge our clients and ourselves. To some change is the enemy. We provide the vision and the strategy for organisations to move forward with confidence.

Our Team

Jim Cassidy

Jim Cassidy – Managing Director


Jim was a senior executive in a variety of publishing groups and the editor of two UK national newspapers. He was an influential member of the UK’s Press Complaints Commission the independent body that dealt with complaints from members of the public about newspapers and magazines. He sat on the UK Government’s Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee, arguably one of the UK’s most powerful groups. The D-Notice committee operates between Government departments, which have responsibilities for national security, and the media.

Jim Cassidy has successfully taken the art of communication from print into the world of PR and marketing. He has written for and advised many leading politicians including Prime Ministers, Chancellors and First Ministers.

He has worked on a pro bono basis for a number of charities encouraging and stimulating funds in innovative ways.

See below for some of Jim's work including articles and interviews with Prime Minister David Cameron, former Labour advisor Alastair Campbell, controversial politician Boris Johnson and Cabinet Minister Anna Soubry.

Hannah Runga

Hannah Runga – Director


Hannah graduated with a first class honours degree in Marketing and Economics from Strathclyde University, which is renowned for having Scotland’s leading Business Department. She went on to work as a Business Analyst for some of the country’s leading investment banks. From processing billion dollar payments to working as project manager on multi departmental projects, Hannah has experience working in intense, fast paced environments. Her business acumen has proven invaluable at Prima Media where she has worked on a host of successful client projects.

Gemma McCabe

Gemma McCabe – Director


Having studied Communications at Napier University in Edinburgh, Gemma went on to work at management level in the hospitality industry, where she was responsible for organising large scale events. Gemma has worked for Prima for over five years now and specialises in events management. She has successfully coordinated a variety of corporate events and has been lauded by past clients for her efficiency and organisational skills. Gemma’s years of experience mean our clients trust her to deliver successful events that are delivered on budget and with style.

Tom Cassidy

Tom Cassidy – Consultant


Tom has enjoyed a sparkling career in PR stretching over more than 20 years and encompassing every aspect of media relations including major corporate takeovers, international trade wars, political campaigns and major crisis events.

Tom's career began in newspapers where his skills were widely respected and he became an executive journalist with Mirror Group newspapers and the Express Group, both in Glasgow and London.

Tom has successfully handled numerous high profile crises including an international branding dispute that involved political lobbying at Westminster, Holyrood, the European Parliament and the American Senate.

He has enjoyed the confidence of Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers both in the private and public sector. His professionalism, political skills, and reputation for discretion with highly sensitive information is widely acknowledged in the media profession.

Michele Grimson

Michélé Grimson – Designer


Michélé is a creative designer who has established a superb reputation with her highly original and skilled work. With twenty years graphic design experience, from creating strong corporate branding to developing highly praised web sites, her projects all have her own hallmark of excellence.

Michélé has held senior positions in Dublin based agencies and has worked as a consultant with Prima for over ten years, providing her design expertise on a range of successful initiatives including corporate publications and UK wide advertising campaigns.

From her education in the fine arts, she has a solid understanding of the creative process and can always be relied upon to bring fresh ideas and inspiration to any project.

John Brown

John Brown – Consultant


With over 40 years of experience as an IT executive, John has operated at senior level with major organisations including HP, Heineken and Aon.

John has worked on a number of projects to help clients ensure they have the technological infrastructure in place to achieve their goals.

From helping companies implement new and efficient internal communications methods as part of their communication strategy, to providing the technological expertise required to execute successful multichannel PR campaigns, John’s experience helps Prima offer a multi dimensional service to their clients.

We also have a range of associates who specialise in a host of areas ranging from photography to legal matters. At Prima we work as a team, allowing us to pool together our various expertise to provide you with the best possible service. Our team has advised a host of top FTSE international companies, top UK organisations, global legal companies and support some household names in the world of sport, media, finance and politics.